Electric System Landlord Safety Checks in Fareham

At Sinnett Electrical, I supply all landlords with rented properties based throughout Fareham and surrounding areas with first-class routine safety check services. I am highly knowledgeable and broadly skilled in carrying out a full range of inspections and testings on electrical aspects, allowing me to say with confidence that all landlord safety checks carried out by me are complete with nothing less than accuracy and reliability.

When it comes to keeping all electrical aspects throughout your rented property in a good, safe condition, undergoing routine inspections is not only deemed necessary but is also a mandatory requirement. By law, all landlords are responsible for the electrical safety of their rented properties and are therefore obligated to undergo a number of safety checks on a routine basis of 5 years.

Unfortunately, over time, electrical features can deteriorate, creating a potentially hazardous environment if left undetected and unattended to. With this, undergoing an array of electrical inspections and testings included in our landlord safety check service will ensure all problems are detected prematurely, assisting with the maintenance of an electrically safe environment.

In order for all testings and inspections to be carried out correctly and safely, electrical expertise, tools and equipment are required. Therefore, it is crucial the team you select to test or inspect the electrical aspects throughout your rented property are NICEIC approved like myself.

Electric System Landlord Safety Checks in Fareham

With all electrical inspections and testings, I ensure a number of safety measures are in place prior to beginning the service, as well as ensuring the correct techniques and equipment are used in order to achieve accurate, reliable results. This means, when undergoing your checks, you can be sure that any signs of wear and tear, damages or faults will be detected accurately and efficiently, allowing any issues to be repaired/rectified before they have the chance to escalate further.

Once I am happy with the condition of all electrical aspects throughout the property, I will produce a renewed certificate which will be valid for the next 5 years. This will allow you to settle knowing that the chance of an electrical issue occurring in your rented property is minimal, keeping the property and tenants in a secure position.

If you are looking for a professional electrician to assist you with your landlord safety checks, look no further than Sinnett Electrical. Why not give me a call today on 01329317246 for a no-obligation quote or to talk to a me in more depth regarding any other information you require.

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